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A Chimera's Whims

Giving voice to the imagination

Ellen Denham
11 January 1968
NOTE: I am no longer using livejournal as my blog. For my new blog, please visit my web site (listed in my profile).

I only remember two things about my early childhood in Germany - that the doors had handles instead of knobs (an image called to mind because my father was fond of the composer, Handel), and a three-way mirror that stood upon my mother's dresser, where I would stand and gaze at the endless procession of myself in blue pajamas with feet.

Spending most of my childhood in North Carolina, I was an active child, given to fits of jumping up and down excitedly. By the time I was in my teens, much of this energy had been channelled into drama and music.

I am an introvert by nature, though people fascinate me. Professionally I am known as a singer and voice teacher, and in many ways the satisfaction of hearing my students progress is greater than that of singing myself.

I no longer have fits of jumping up and down (ok, not very often anyway), but I regularly have fits of writing.

My husband, Stephan, is my totally biased fan who appreciates me far more than I deserve.